Terence Lloren

Born in Washington, D.C. and educated overseas, Terence has always had a passion for travel and new experiences. Trained as an architect but with a passion for sound, he took night classes for audio engineering in New York City and moved to Shanghai in 2006. Vowing never to have another blue-shirt-khaki-pants-belt-hook-mounted-retractable-ID-badge-reel desk job, he finally completed the transition to audio in 2009.
Terence specializes in sound design, production sound, and live sound recording. He has worked on sound design and recording for independent documentaries and fiction films, including the Daedalum Films production, Hukou, directed by Luis A. Tapia. Terence has experience on corporate projects with companies including Apple, Honeywell, Porsche, Cisco, and Alibaba. He was the Sound Recordist on all three seasons of The Amazing Race: China Rush, and the first two seasons of Super Nanny.

Always looking to push recorded sound to new limits, Terence regularly pursues experimental recording projects in Shanghai and strives to create a unique identity for the Shanghai music and experimental sound art scenes. Terence is an experienced user of Digidesign Protools.