Adrian Tapia

Adrian is based in Austin, Texas. Originally from Mexico, Adrian was raised and educated in the United States. He earned a Bachelor’s in Communication and Media Production and a Master's of Liberal Arts with a focus in Documentary Filmmaking from St. Edward’s University. He speaks fluent English and Spanish.

He has experience directing, filming, editing, and scoring documentaries, short films, television programs, musical performances, and events, as well as increasing photography gigs.  Adrian assisted camerawork and production for Discovery’s Not Your Average Travel Guide. He directed photography on the short film Dead End, and shot Roses in Her Eyes. He directed and edited the documentary shorts A Modern Look at Minstrelsy, Slowing Down, Karaoke Heaven, Texas Justice, and Prison State. Adrian traveled to China to work as a Game Producer and Writer on Season Two of The Amazing Race: China Rush, which aired internationally on Dragon TV, ICS, and CCTV-2 and -9 and won Best Adapted Format at the Asia Television Awards. He is a regular contributor to

Adrian has a passion for discovering hidden gems and sharing them through photographs and films. This quest for daily discovery led to the creation of a daily photo blog, as well as a music blog. Of course, that’s when he's not helping other people tell their stories through his work as Digital Video Developer at St. Edward’s by day and event photographer by night. He likes to stay busy, and wouldn't have it any other way. Check out his photography work at

Adrian is an experienced user of Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.